I have this amazing book of writing prompts, 642 Things to Write About (you've probably seen it at Urban Outfitters) and I used to write in it on my lunch break when it was warmer out. Found the best bench outside the UN on 1st Ave... anyway, here's something from it because this blog needs CONTENT:

You are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day.

I look out the window; the sun is up--it's always up! Can't look directly into it though, don't want to accidentally blind myself. There's the moon, it too is always up. What time is it, anyway? EST doesn't apply when you can look down at the exosphere. And that is what I love about being an astronaut. There are no earthly rules. It's extraterrestrial anarchy! No gravity, no weather, no earthquakes: no worries! As long as my O2 tank is full (which is definitely a biggie), I've got no anxieties or worries. Don't have to worry about people up here. No awkward eye-contact (eww!) or sharing the ONE empty bench (please don't sit next to me) in front of the United Nations. There is no UN up here! No people, social media, or Facebook. God, I needed this. Being an astronaut is like being on vacation. It's like being high without drugs. I can just stare forever. Don't have to worry about "how can I spend my time better?" because I'm a goddamn astronaut. I'm always spending my time in a better way. No temptations of iced coffee and dollar pizzas. Ugh, no one-hour lunch breaks or cubicles. I'm so glad I studied to become an astronaut instead of the safe liberal arts degree that I considered. Otherwise I would have to go back to my basic-ass desk job (for 4.5 more hours, lol). Go SPACE!