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Sketch/Script Comedy Writing 

Since becoming an Advanced Improv Study student at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, my sketch writing has taken a slight backseat for now. I've been so lucky to participate in other sketches (production, extra roles, etc), that I've had to pause some of my writing. Working 40 hours/week, taking improv classes, improv practice groups, and performing in improv shows has also slowed down my writing process like WOW. But hey! I'm a bearded optimist, so that should change soon. Right? Here are some one-page samples of sketches I've written (they are truly awful):

Red Carpet Dairy Queen

Prescription Heroin


Vegan Grocery Shopping

Hey, please enjoy a sample of my Parks and Recreation spec script too! It's actually like, okay.

Parks and Rec - “Let’s Move Faster"

Literary Writing

When I graduated from The New School with a BA in Literary Writing, I had written two books: one of which was my thesis, the other a final project for a media course. Because I'd minored in Media Studies, both of these books centered around the Internet! I don't primarily dabble in Internet-only writing anymore, but I had a blast writing these. These remain unpublished for now, but I may return to them in the future to tie up the loose ends.

  • Friend Request is a memoir I wrote as my senior thesis project for my Creative Non-Fiction Literary Writing degree. It's about growing up in the age of dial-up Internet, and then adapting to the euphoria that is high-speed. It tells the story of my best friend, John, moving away from our home state and leaving me feeling very alone and afraid at fourteen years old. Middle school and high school can be the hardest years of one's life, and I learned that making friends behind a computer screen was easier than in person. I'm sure many could agree. Check out the intro here.
  • INTERNET, SERIOUS BUSINESS was the final project I perpetrated for my Media Studies minor. Our assignment was to keep a blog over the fifteen-week semester in response to the course's required reading. Again, i focused on the Internet, covering topics such as: crowdsourcing, intellectual property, and surveillance. Check out the blog here.