Welp, it's Monday! Here's how socially capable I sounded this weekend.

  1. "Oh, I get that at Chipotle sometimes" - on Negra Modelo
  2. "Yeah I saw him in the bathroom and I kind of felt like I should've said, like 'hey man' or something, but I didn't" - on running into a stranger multiple times in one day
  3. "Yep! I see you shaved yours" - response to, "Hi Alex, I see you still have your beard"
  4. "I think you're doing something... political?" - on a friend's Bernie Sanders impression
  5. "Do you think there's any meat in it?" - on someone explaining to me that "nopales" means "cactus" in Spanish
  6. "It looks like space in there!" - on a simple light projection in a bar bathroom
  7. "I wouldn't just make that up, I really was named after Alex Trebek" - unprompted