Hey look, here's me doing some stuff! I wanna do more stuff! This is fun. Please use me in your goofy videos :).

Here's a video I'm in about hand jobs:

Oh boy, here's my Character 101 graduation show. A talking Nintendo Gamecube! 

Yooo here's me in an original Flama short! It's brief but also very true to life :/

Uh oh. Here I am STARRING in a very NSFW video about... well... hmm...

Here's a sketch at BYOT at the UCB East theater that I wrote! 

I performed with Generous at the 2016 Del Close Marathon, check it out!

Here i am doing a short improv scene with Morgan Phillips for his 1000 Scenes project:

Here's Sandra Blaze: Wizard for Hire:

HEY can you spot me in the background of this episode of The Chris Gethard Show??

WOW! Here's me as a background dancer for The Special without Brett Davis!